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Biomolecular electrochemical sensors

Our research group was one of the first to use nanostructured materials to develop high-sensitivity electrochemical sensors for biomolecular analytes.  Over the last ten years, we have applied these sensors to a range of biological targets relevant to the diagnosis of cancer and infectious disease, and have applied them in other areas related to transplant and regenerative medicine.

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Sage, A. T.; Besant, J. D.; Mahmoudian, L.; Poudineh, M.; Bai, X.; Zamel, R.; Hsin, M.; Sargent, E. H.; Cypel, M.; Liu, M.; et al. Fractal Circuit Sensors Enable Rapid Quantification of Biomarkers for Donor Lung Assessment for Transplantation.
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Yang, H.; Hui, A.; Pampalakis, G.; Soleymani, L.; Liu, F. F.; Sargent, E. H.; Kelley, S. O. Direct, Electronic MicroRNA Detection for the Rapid Determination of Differential Expression Profiles.
Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed. 2009, 48 (45), 8461–8464.

Rare / single cell profiling

Our laboratory has developed a new cellular profiling technology – magnetic ranking cytometry – that is a powerful tool for the analysis of rare cells. By labeling cells with magnetic nanoparticles and using microfluidic devices to evaluate the level of magnetic labeling, we can collect information concerning protein and RNA analysis at the single cell level. We have applied this technology to analyzing circulating tumor cells and rare stem cells and have also used this approach to create new tools for high-throughput functional genomics.

Aldridge, P. M.; Mukhopadhyay, M.; Ahmed, S. U.; Zhou, W.; Christinck, E.; Makonnen, R.; Sargent, E. H.; Kelley, S. O. Prismatic Deflection of Live Tumor Cells and Cell Clusters.
ACS Nano 2018, 12 (12), 12692–12700.

Labib, M.; Mohamadi, R. M.; Poudineh, M.; Ahmed, S. U.; Ivanov, I.; Huang, C.-L.; Moosavi, M.; Sargent, E. H.; Kelley, S. O. Single-Cell MRNA Cytometry via Sequence-Specific Nanoparticle Clustering and Trapping.
Nature Chemistry 2018, 10 (5), 489.

Poudineh, M.; Aldridge, P. M.; Ahmed, S.; Green, B. J.; Kermanshah, L.; Nguyen, V.; Tu, C.; Mohamadi, R. M.; Nam, R. K.; Hansen, A.; et al. Tracking the Dynamics of Circulating Tumour Cell Phenotypes Using Nanoparticle-Mediated Magnetic Ranking.
Nat. Nanotechnology 2017, 12 (3), 274–281.

Labib, M.; Green, B.; Mohamadi, R. M.; Mepham, A.; Ahmed, S. U.; Mahmoudian, L.; Chang, I. H.; Sargent, E. H.; Kelley, S. O. Aptamer and Antisense-Mediated Two-Dimensional Isolation of Specific Cancer Cell Subpopulations. 
J. Am. Chem. Soc.2016

Mohamadi, R. M.; Besant, J. D.; Mepham, A.; Green, B.; Mahmoudian, L.; Gibbs, T.; Ivanov, I.; Malvea, A.; Stojcic, J.; Allan, A. L.; et al. Nanoparticle-Mediated Binning and Profiling of Heterogeneous Circulating Tumor Cell Subpopulations. Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed. 2015, 54 (1), 139–143.

Intracellular probes

We have developed a family of probes that exhibit strong subcellular localization profiles and we have used these compounds to explore site-specific chemistry within the cell.  We have applied these probes to the study of new mitochondrial biology and are using them as the basis for high-throughput screens of new mitochondrial function.

Lei, E. K.; Kelley, S. O. Delivery and Release of Small-Molecule Probes in Mitochondria Using Traceless Linkers.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139 (28), 9455–9458.

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Horton, K. L.; Stewart, K. M.; Fonseca, S. B.; Guo, Q.; Kelley, S. O. Mitochondria-Penetrating Peptides.
Chem. Biol. 2008, 15 (4), 375–382.

DNA-templated materials

DNA sequences can be used to program the properties of nanomaterials and also facilitate their self-assembly. Our research group developed the first DNA-programmed method allowing the systematic synthesis and functionalization of semiconductor quantum dots.  These materials have been used to develop agents for drug delivery and intracellular sensing.

Zhang, L.; Jean, S. R.; Li, X.; Sack, T.; Wang, Z.; Ahmed, S.; Chan, G.; Das, J.; Zaragoza, A.; Sargent, E. H.; et al. Programmable Metal/Semiconductor Nanostructures for MRNA-Modulated Molecular Delivery.
Nano Lett. 2018, 18 (10), 6222–6228.

Zhang, L.; Jean, S. R.; Ahmed, S.; Aldridge, P. M.; Li, X.; Fan, F.; Sargent, E. H.; Kelley, S. O. Multifunctional Quantum Dot DNA Hydrogels.
Nature Commun. 2017, 8 (1), 381.

Tikhomirov, G.; Hoogland, S.; Lee, P. E.; Fischer, A.; Sargent, E. H.; Kelley, S. O. DNA-Based Programming of Quantum Dot Valency, Self-Assembly and Luminescence.
Nature Nanotechnol. 2011, 6 (8), 485–490.

Ma, N.; Sargent, E. H.; Kelley, S. O. One-Step DNA-Programmed Growth of Luminescent and Biofunctionalized Nanocrystals.
Nature Nanotechnol. 2009, 4 (2), 121–125.

Electrocatalysis with nanostructured materials

As part of a collaborative team, we work on developing new approaches for the synthesis of renewable fuels.  Our approach typically relies on nanostructured materials that can be used for electrocatalytic synthesis.

De Luna, P.; Quintero-Bermudez, R.; DInh, C. T.; Ross, M. B.; Bushuyev, O. S.; Todorović, P.; Regier, T.; Kelley, S. O.; Yang, P.; Sargent, E. H. Catalyst Electro-Redeposition Controls Morphology and Oxidation State for Selective Carbon Dioxide Reduction.
Nature Catal. 2018, 1 (2), 103–110.

Liu, M.; Pang, Y.; Zhang, B.; De Luna, P.; Voznyy, O.; Xu, J.; Zheng, X.; Dinh, C. T.; Fan, F.; Cao, C.; et al. Enhanced Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction via Field-Induced Reagent Concentration.
Nature 2016, 537 (7620), 382–386.

Saberi Safaei, T.; Mepham, A.; Zheng, X.; Pang, Y.; Dinh, C. T.; Liu, M.; Sinton, D.; Kelley, S. O.; Sargent, E. H. High-Density Nanosharp Microstructures Enable Efficient CO2 Electroreduction.
Nano Lett. 2016, 16 (11), 7224–7228.

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