Research Projects


Biomolecular Sensors

Advances in genomic and proteomic methods now allow classification of disease based on molecular profiling. The detection of a molecular analytes and use of this type of information for disease diagnosis requires methods with superior.…

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Rare / Single Cell Profiling

Our laboratory has developed a new cellular profiling technology – magnetic ranking cytometry – that is a powerful tool for the analysis of rare cells. By labeling cells with magnetic nanoparticles and using microfluidic devices to evaluate….

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Intracellular Molecular Delivery

Controlling the intracellular localization of synthetic molecules is essential for effective drug development. Nonetheless, rational control over intracellular trafficking of small molecules has remained a challenge. The Kelley lab has engineered….

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Biotemplated Nanomaterials

The worlds of biology and semiconductor engineering have traditionally been quite distinct. The spontaneous assembly of biological materials presents a stark contrast to the rational fabrication required for high performance….

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